Thursday, September 10, 2009

Spoonerisms: What Is It With Kittens and Primates?

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This lolcat showed up on today. It made me think of a few cases of various primate species bonding with kittens. One was Koko, the captive gorilla who was taught sign language. She had her own cat. And I saw a "news" story several years ago from some Mediterranean island. A man's cat had kittens and his pet monkey appointed herself official babysitter. She would hold and groom the kittens and was very protective of them when strangers approached. She let the mother cat nurse them and so forth and the mother cat didn't seem to mind at all. Then there's this cute video from India of a monkey that even appears to be nursing a kitten:

So, what it is with primates and cats? I can understand why kittens wouldn't have a problem, since it's not so different from human socialization, but I wonder what's in it for the monkeys and gorillas?

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godless2008 said...

I have a new 10 week old kitten and was just thinking about that. Since humans are primates (great apes, actually), to understand it you only have to identify what it is about kittens that humans like. Kittens are playful, engaging, affectionate and aesthetically appealing (cute)'s no surprise that if most of us like kittens, then other great apes are goihg to like them too.