Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spoonerisms: The Biggest Spooner

Spoon is officially on a diet now. I've been meaning to start limiting his food portions now that Pandora isn't here to bitch if there's so much as 1mm2 of the bottom of the food dish visible, and I finally started. First of all, the food bag recommends 1 cup of food a day to 16 lb. cats who are overweight. I got out my kitchen scale and weighed out about half that. It's about 1.5oz. (I plan to split the 3oz. allowance into two daily servings.) Wow. That's not a lot of food. But he is overweight, and even though he wears it well, we need to try to control that. I'm not sure how it will work when (if?) he and Dipity are cohabiting and sharing the same food. I've been giving her as much food as she wants, and she still has that lean Siamese build, so I doubt she's prone to overeating.

Besides, for now Spoon's diet is getting generously supplemented with the treats I give them in my dubious plan to bribe them to like each other.

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