Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Knittin' Crap: Swap Update

AmyDMinor on Ravelry and I got our swap packages for the September installment of $10 Amigurumi. This month's theme: fruits and vegetables. I made her a banana from a Japanese book and, so the banana wouldn't get lonely, I made an orange. No, I didn't use a pattern to make a ball with a face. She sent me a happy pear!

September $10 Amigurumi Swap
My package to AmyDMinor. That banana is seriously putting the moves on the orange.
September $10 Amigurumi Swap
Amy's package to me. There was also some candy which, um, didn't quite make it into the picture. (This is definitely one of my crappier pictures, but anyway.)

Yesterday, I also had a surprise waiting for me when I went to the post office. Remember back in July when I sent a swap package to England for a swap? Well, Wendy and I had given her reciprocal package up for dead. But I had a pick-up slip in my post office box, and at the counter they handed me a somewhat mushed box bearing a Royal Mail postmark. Dated July 27. Actually, it had gotten to my post office a little over a week ago, but I hadn't made it there during business hours in the interim. So, it only took over 6 weeks rather than 2 months to make it, what, 5000 miles? (Mine going the opposite way took something like two weeks.) But, I'm just very happy it did arrive. The contents were undamaged, and Wendy put all kinds of lovely things in there with her knit Hula Hamster. (I initially thanked her for the hula mouse. I'm not so good with rodent identification.)

Wendy's Plush Swap Package

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