Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knittin' Crap: Swapping Under the Sea

The first picture of my $10 Amigurumi group swap creation: a Mer-Cat
Camera Hog Strikes Again!
The second picture, taken about 15 seconds later. You can still see the ear... sort of.
The theme for the August $10 Amigurumi group swap was creatures that live under the sea. I took a slight liberty and made a creature that would live under the sea if it actually existed.

Mamegoma eraser cuteness!
Mamegoma eraser cuteness!
My swap partner likes anime stuff, so I made a trip to Little Tokyo last week. I got her an official Studio Ghibli Chibi Totoro magnet and this absurdly cute Mamegoma eraser with seals in all sorts of under-sea costumes. See the shark! See the sea otter with a baby seal in matching costume! See the seal in a seal costume! And the little white seal on the front sides actually slides back and forth. Extreme cuteness!

Swap Package from Geologygirl
Swap Package from Geologygirl Meanwhile, I got geologygirl's swap package and immediately experienced swap performance anxiety. She actually made two amigurumi and a clownfish tote bag, which drives the Camera Hog nuts.

Rilakkuma stickers San-X bonus picture! These stickers came in some Japanese candy which tastes like, well, Frankenberry cereal. I guess the Japanese use the same fake strawberry flavor we have here. And see where Korilakkuma is drawing a face on Rilakkuma's butt!

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