Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spoonerisms: I Am Siamese If You Please

Rear Window
ZOMG! There's totally different stuff to see on the other side of this window!!!!
Dipity has become much more social and outgoing and, well, Siamese in the past couple of weeks. She now generally talks to me when I come into the bedroom, snuggles with me a couple times a day, and in the past couple days, she's even become bold enough to follow me outside the bedroom, then proceeds to investigate some. Of course, she still hisses at Spoon if he gets too close, and I think he takes her forays into "his" territory as invitations to reciprocate by barging into "her" territory (the bedroom) when she goes back, so I have to watch him and keep him from running in there after her. I don't think he's trying to be aggressive in a dominating way; he just wants to interact with her. Unfortunately, he kind of comes across like a stalker. "I know I stare at you all the time, but I just know we're soul mates! Wait! Where are you going!? Wait for me!"

So, while she still keeps Spoon at paw's length, she is definitely feeling more at home, whatever cats think "home" is.

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