Sunday, June 28, 2015

Knittin' Crap: SFAC May 2015

May was a shore leave month, but I did manage to churn out a brig prisoner:
This mission report went into the temporal rift in March and didn’t pop out until May, by which time it was in trouble (and so was I).

Knittin' Crap: SFAC April 2015

Huh, I didn't get much done in May, because I was too busy changing, uh, assignments. Back on Earth. You know...
Diplomatic - Craft something representing language. Incorporate “words” with colorwork, cables, lace, texture, or repeating motifs.While humans generally expect written language to encode its meaning in different shapes, meaning can be encoded in other ways. I have fabricated an example where the shapes of the written symbols are identical, but the meanng comes from difference in color gradients. Such a subtlety may be lost to Doctor Chaotica and Captain Proton in their monochrome world, but for the cadets, it will force them to see meaning in ways they are not used to.
The Brig - Releasing those lollygaggers who finally made good.This month I’m releasing two prisoners for the price of one:
Redstone Torch

Chucks pattern by Suzanne Resaul

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Knittin' Crap: Starfleet March 2015

This month, we ran into that reprobate Harcourt Fenton Mudd, who came offering a deal...

Science: Analyze Harry’s potion and present its molecular structure as either a lace or cable pattern (lace could represent a crystalline structure, where cables would represent a more fibrous structure; similar to the difference between metals and plastics or inorganic and organic compounds).A quark-level analysis of Mudd’s compound reveals some interesting relationships between the atoms. I’ve represented the shared electron orbits with this model of the structure’s planar axis.
Tactical: Craft something to capture Harry if the evidence is incriminating.Harcourt Fenton Mudd has frequently shown himself to be a slippery, unethical, unprincipled character. We need to be vigilant and ready for his tricks. These newly engineered restraints are very small when not in use, but they can be deployed with speed, stretching to several times their resting state in order entrap the soon-to-be prisoner. Different configurations can apply different forces or biophysical effects, like rigidity, elastic restraint, or a sedating effect. We’re not letting him get away this time!
Rubber band bracelet (wo)man

Friday, April 10, 2015

Knittin' Crap: Starfleet February 2015

We spent February at the Academy with all those young, perky, eager cadets.

Command - Demonstrate ways to overcome a crafting “no-win” scenario to your cadets by planning and swatching for a project.Although I had carefully considered details for my Away Mission for this tour before the tour actually began, my other duties kept me from confirming its viability through proof-of-concept work with the raw materials until after the start of the tour. My first sample came out at the perfect specifications (25x36 st on US4), but I was not sure I liked the lack of density, so I made another sample to smaller specifications (on US3), and ended up calculating that the original sample was superior. But, the extra time was not wasted, as I now had evidence that I could move forward with additional certainty that my mission would ultimately be a success.
Swatches (tested for sleep-worthiness by my invasive quadrupeds and marked as approved):
Diplomatic - Show your cadets the importance of details by creating something involving detail work or embellishmentsWithout detailed facial expressions, this very undiplomatic penguin would look like an unexpressive round ball on top of a tube.
And he certainly wouldn’t be able to express his indignation at being shoved aside by the giant, undiplomatic invasive quadruped:
Medical - One of the hardest lessons to accept is that you can’t save them all, and sometimes the only thing you can do is give comfort.
Your Mission: Teach your cadets how to cope with these situations by creating something comforting, either for yourself or for someone else. Bonus points for charitable submissions.
Many cultures on Old Earth long had a tradition of brightening the environment of the ill with the often colorful and pleasantly scented reproductive organs of certain plants. Plants of the genus Tulipa were especially prized for their elegant beauty. I have replicated some and put them on a bunting for wall decoration.
Noelle + Tulips
Tactical - Teach your cadets the value of thinking quickly by making something very speedy (something that takes a day or less).Any Starfleet cadet who has taken the Anomalous Quantum Particles course final exam will already know that concentrating on details while under time pressure is particularly difficult. To practice mental focus while simultaneously watching the clock, I manualy fabricated this special neck gear, which also acts as a sensor to monitor heart rate and blood pressure in tense situations. Keeping track of many small components, manipulating them without the aid of nano-tools, and completing an important piece of equipment are all skills that may be needed during an emergency when the replicators are not available either because of mechanical failure or on an away team mission.
The Brig - Finish off UFOs.This prisoner hit its rehabilitation target 3 weeks ago, but I had more important things to do than process the paperwork. (Like, take naps.)
Bull's Eye

Badtz-Maru pattern by Mei Li Lee
Bull's-Eye pattern by Jennifer Hansen
Necklace designed by Un-Roen Manarata

Monday, January 5, 2015

Knittin' Crap: SFAC December 2014

This month, our surprise visitor was the avaricious Ferengi Quark.

Diplomatic: Craft a gift to show good will to one of the negotiating parties.Yellow lilies are thought by some to represent merriment and joy. As this Quark seems to be trying to get everyone to have “fun” by plying us all with what I strongly suspect is non-synthehol liquor and encouraging us play these games designed around gambling, I bio-replicated some yellow lilies to represent the mood.
Medical: Craft something that demonstrates the effects of a food or drug on different species taking part in the negotiations.I took this bioluminescent vine from Alpha Beta Prime and genetically modified it to detect the presence of certain neuroactive substances, at which point that will light up. We can use it to decorate the chairs and tables where it will simply look like part of the decor.
Note the following holographs which show the flowers lighting up when some otherwise undetected compound is present:
Pimp my scooter phase I
While here it remains unlit in the presence of my totally-not-neuroactive invasive quadrupeds:
Pimp my scooter phase I
Pimp my scooter phase I
Tactical: Craft something to help keep up with the stream of information (an AI assistant, a discreet lie detector, etc.)This basket was designed both to carry Starfleet PADDs and to automate the pre-processing and upload into Starfleet data banks of the information they carried. However, someone in the Starfleet Engineering Quartermaster’s office apparently decided to change the specifications of their Chroma Data Cables without telling us, so the basket failed to meet the specifications.
Sad Basket with Cat Butt