Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Knittin' Crap: SFAC June 2014

I only managed to turn in one mission for last month, and I didn't even manage to turn it in last month (it fell into a temporal rift and popped out a couple weeks later.) I'm already doing better for July, though. Stay tuned!

Command mission: Work with a partner to complete a project. Have a fellow officer help you choose a pattern to go with an orphaned yarn or recommend a yarn to go with a pattern you really like, then craft the cooperative project. Please state your partner officer in your post and explain how they helped you create the final project. This is a great mission for getting to know the officers on your ship.

My report:
Brioche scarf
For this mission, I teamed with Ensign Chibz, showing him a selection of appropriate-weight cabling and asking him to pick two which would be appropriate. I initially had my doubts when he seemed to like the lime green a little too much, but it worked out in the end.

Pattern by Nancy Marchant

Knittin' Crap: SFAC May 2014

May was a shore leave month, but we still had a mission:

Your Mission: Help Jadzia prepare for her wedding by crafting a bridal talisman for luck.
Something Old – complete a WIP or frog and rework a project that is in time-out.
Something New – craft a new project Something Borrowed – craft a project that is “borrowed” from another officer. Use a pattern, color scheme, stitch pattern, craft, or other idea that was inspired by an officer in Starfleet. This does not necessarily have to be something from their projects or queue. It can be just something mentioned in conversation. This project may be a WIP or a new project. You will need to explain how the idea was borrowed from someone else.
Something Blue – craft anything blue. Other colors are allowed as long as the project is predominantly blue. WIPs are accepted for this project.

My report:
Something old: This soft top will be cool to wear on a tropical honeymoon planet:
Slant Cables
Something new: This bowl can hold Jadzia’s daily jewelry so it is close at hand:
Felted bowl #2