Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spoonerisms: That Darned Cat! Coda

Shortly after my previous post, I went back out to check on the ready-to-come-inside status. Dipity was against a wall but not behind a bush. I slowly approached, got just close enough so she could sniff my hand... but after a quick whiff, she showed no interest. Then she did a meow-that-turns-into-a-yawn, so I took my chance and grabbed her. Awkwardly. I got her by the scruff of her side (hey, the skin is loose), she let out a blood-curdling howl and nearly removed one of my fingers, but I managed to wrestle her into a secure hold and we went upstairs. (For some reason, she shut up as soon as I had a firm grip, even though she clearly wasn't happy.)

She jumped out of my arms once we were in and visited the food dish. I sat down to untie my shoes. Before I could stand up, she was in my lap. "ZOMG, I was stuck outside and there was this strange woman stalking me and she sounded kind of like you but I know that was just a coincidence and then she grabbed me and I was so scared! I missed you!" Gee, I missed you, too, stupid cat. Then she got down about 30 seconds later for more food and I got up. I ambled to bed and she was snuggling me within a couple minutes.

Hard to stay mad when she makes those big blue goo-goo eyes at me.

Spoonerisms: That Darned Cat!

It's 1:20AM, I am soooooooooooooo tired, and I just want to sleep, dammit! But Dipity escaped earlier and now acts like she doesn't know me from Adam, so I can't get near her to catch her. So while I wait for her to get cold and hungry enough that she'll remember me, I'm going to try to remind myself how much I love kitties! Even though I'm soooooooooooo tired and that little blue-eyed vixen is torturing me! Love da kitties!

Funny Pictures - Karate Cat Gifs
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Kitteh going to kick their asses!

Kitty anatomy with the scientific terms devised by cat lovers:
funny pictures - feline anatomy
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Kitty anatomy using the language of freaked-out ailurophobes:
Funny Pictures - Feline Anatomy (FIXED)
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funny pictures - sumwun at da tail faktory nawt doin dere job . . . just sayin
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Spoon must have gone through the same tail factory. His is the right color but looks like it's about 4 sizes too small.

funny pictures - The Best Picture on the Internet
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I don't know why, and I don't want to know why, but that picture reminds me of the 80s cheezfest song "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

funny pictures - Birkenstuck
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And last week, Dipity and Spoon were... almost buddies:
Almost Buddies!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Knittin' Crap: Wizard Pasties!

Not Mini Wizard Pasties Well, not really. They're mini-prototypes for a sorcerer's hat I got sucked into making. They'd been sitting around unfelted for months, but last night I finally got to commandeer Steve's washing machine, which gets unbalanced if I even look at it wrong, and they felted up nicely. I'm using Valley Yarns Berkshire, which is a soft wool/alpaca blend.

Measurements for the pointier hat (on the left):
Before felting After felting
Brim diameter7.75"6.875"
Opening diameter4.5"2.5"

I'm going to make one more prototype, with a slightly more pronounced cone, and then move on to the full-sized hat.

Friday, March 18, 2011

News: Kittens are Crack

It's been a very long week at work, so I'm just going to post cute and funny things that make me smile or laugh or go, "AAAaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!!.

funny pictures - RELEASE DA KRACKON!
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This embed isn't working, but it's a really cute video of a sloth!

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funny pictures - Bruno started getting suspicious when the   "pups" began to ask for cheezburgers.
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AAaaawwwwwwww! Tee hee!

funny puns - The Wrath of... Aww, Never Mind.
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Have I mentioned how many bajillion times I've seen Star Trek II? Can't resist a bad pun using it!

* Charlie Sheen rant as enacted by lolcats!

Totoro and kitteh in one place!
funny pictures-Scooz me  Secret cuddly meeting, kthnx
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And finally, my week in review:
funny pictures - On ur way down teh banister uv life... ...ur ass will collect many splinterz
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funny pictures - I love you, couch.   You understand me.
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There may shortly be a part 2 to this post, because I have a lot of cuteness stockpiled, and did I mention it's been a really long week?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Knittin' Crap: Octoscarf

Over on Puzzle Pirates, Tilinka organized an Octoscarf Knit/Crochet-a-long Challenge. I cannot generally resist such a challenge, especially when there are prizes! As I'd recently discovered crochet Bruges lace, which is often worked with a central winding ribbon, the undulating of octopus tentacles made me think of it. I didn't work it in a traditional fashion but used it as a starting point. Here's what I came up with:


The competition is pretty fierce, though, and there's still a week to enter.

Metro Journal: Mar 7 Highlights and Low-lifes

Highlights of my morning bus ride:

  • Me, with the laptop open, tethered to my phone, because I was running late and, yeah, had to start yet another CMR.
  • The dude audibly snoring.
  • The guy sitting in right behind the driver in that blind spot, holding an open container. And I don't mean an open container of, say, a latte. Unless he had mixed milk in his beer can.
  • The guy who got on the bus without pausing his cell phone conversation. The driver had to tell him to step behind the line. Then he lost his connection (it was downtown Burbank and I know my reception gets spotty there), so then he told the driver he needs to get off at San Fernando "Avenue or Street." The driver tried to explain that the bus doesn't intersect with San Fernando (Road, thank you very much), but actually turns onto it for several miles, then gets off it for several miles, then gets back on, etc. The guy had no idea what his cross street was and went back to fiddling with the phone. I went back to fiddling with my CMR, so I can't report on his fate.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Knittin' Crap: Seriously Belated Xmas Roundup

I don't know why I didn't get around to this earlier (although, yes, I do have my suspicions), but here's the Xmas gift round-up for 2010:

Who What Why
Brad Tom Servo
Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000
Because of all those hours we spent watching MST3k...
Caden Dinosaur
Pattern by Cheezombie
What little boy doesn't like dinosaurs?
Fabrice Maneki Neko
Pattern from Japanese Lucky Cat amigurumi book
To bring some good luck
Mary Chihuahua
Pattern from Japanese book Amigurumi Collection 2
She likes small, high-strung, yippy dogs. At least this one is quiet.
Steve Zip-it Voodoo Doll Who doesn't need a zip-it voodoo doll?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Air Journal: Heather'n'Dave'n'Noelle-a-thon

A month ago, I took a very long weekend to visit Heather'n'Dave in the Seattle area. Here's a rundown of the visit:
  • I took the bus to the airport. I cut the schedule a little close, and then my first bus was a little late, so I missed the connecting bus. I got there with plenty of time to check in, but apparently my bag didn't. When I got to SeaTac, my bag didn't. Plus, there was additional confusion because there were big snowstorms throughout the Midwest, down into Texas. It was the day American canceled something like 600 flights, and while I wasn't flying American, the delays were affecting all the airlines. So, they didn't know exactly where my bag was or when it would get to the dreary Pacific Northwest.
  • I took a bus to Bellevue. Whee! (Some people may be thinking it was about time I ended up in Bellevue, but that's the wrong one.)
  • I warned Heather I was really braindead. Because work is perennially crazy these days, and, well, I was braindead.
  • I had not quite managed to finish my baby shower gift for H'n'D before getting there, but I managed to finish about an hour after sitting down on their couch:
    Anonymous Baby Blanket
  • I officially presented it to them the next day (like they didn't know what was coming), along with a gift for their first-grader, Noelle:
    Sea Turtle
    Later I had to impersonate a jellyfish, because apparently that's what sea turtles eat.
  • Noelle really liked watching me play Minecraft. She especially liked watching sheep get dyed various colors.
  • The second evening, we went to the International District. Heather and Dave and found a promising Chinese restaurant on-line called the Red Lantern. We parked a few blocks away and when we got to the street it was on, Dave said, "There are red lanterns in that restaurant. That must be the place." Then I pointed out that there were also red lanterns in the place two doors down from that one. Turns out that neither one was The Red Lantern, which was on the next block.
  • Afterwards, we went to Daiso, which is kind of a Japanese dollar store. I had heard of them before, but there aren't any near LA, so I'd never been. It was awesome. They had yarn, plus cool pill boxes which are great notions carriers, and these adorable little 3"-long pound cake tins.
    Daiso Score!
  • I now can't walk over a zebra-striped crossing without going, "White line! White line!"
  • We reminisced about Pandora, who had delivered herself to H'n'D all those years ago in Glendora so she could then take over my life. I miss that cat.
  • They have a big tuxedo cat named Marmaduke. He's about the same temperament as Spoon and about the same weight, but somehow he looks bigger. I think it's because Duke has a big paunch which makes him look like he swallowed a cantelope whole, whereas Spoon's avoir dupois is more evenly distributed along his body.
  • It rained a lot.
  • Dave showed me their backyard, which is on a hill, so they're having it terraced. Right now, it's mostly a big pile of dirt. Basically, they're playing Minecraft in their backyard.
  • I got to hear all about Bellevue infrastructure politics. It sounds dirtier than Dave's backyard.
  • Monday morning, I took the bus back to SeaTac.
  • At the security checkpoint, the person in front of me and the person behind me were sent through the pornoscanner, but I got waved through the regular X-ray machine. Score!
  • When I got to BUR, my bag was once again not at the claim. Ugh. Apparently several people from my flight had the same issue. Lucky for me, my bag had actually beaten me this time and was waiting for me. The others were not so lucky.
  • Dipity was insanely happy to see me. Spoon was confused because Dipity was insanely happy to see me and that's usually his job.

All in all, I had an excellent time. It may not have been exciting, but I didn't need excitement. I needed Minecraft spectators and Japanese dollar stores and the like.

And congratulations to Heather and Dave, who welcomed their daughter Lily on Monday.