Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Other: Owie Update

Other than a constant low-level headache, I seem to be fine. The weather this evening was lovely, so I walked the mile or so to the pharmacy to pick up my car and didn't have any problems at all. It actually felt good to get out and walk, as the weather has been too nasty and hot to do that much while there's still sunlight.

I don't have to appear for jury duty tomorrow because of the mandatory furlough day for state court employees, or Thursday either...
You are not needed on 09/17/2009 . Please check this web site or
call 1-800-SRV-JURY(778-5879) as follows:
Call between 09/17/2009   05:00 PM
and 09/17/2009   12:00 Midnight
However, I do have a last-minute job interview tomorrow. If they ask about the quite visible mess on my forehead, I suppose I will have to explain it. At least if I don't do well on technical questions, I can blame the recent head trauma. And if I do do well, I can say that I'm even more impressive when I haven't recently scrambled my brains.

Meanwhile, early in the afternoon I went back to bed to see if I could nap a bit. Dipity climbed right on my belly and stayed a good 15-20 minutes, purring and relaxed. Then she got up and started playing with her noisy toys. I gave up on getting more sleep. Fortunately the interview tomorrow is in the afternoon, so I can sleep into the morning if I need to.

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