Thursday, September 3, 2009

Other: Perler Bead Madness!

Remember perler beads? Those little plastic things you use to make pixellated pictures on a special pegboard and then iron to melt into permanent (and since it's plastic, I mean archaeologists will be digging these things up 10,000 years from now) effigies? Well, some people have taken them beyond the realm of smiley faces and, well, whatever 6-year-olds generally make with these things. In fact, if you go to the Geek Craft group on Flickr, some people seem to have made the things their favorite medium for producing homages of their favorite 8-bit video game characters, and even some characters with 16- or 32- bits. Some of these things are seriously hard-core.

Donkey Kong Jr + Burger time
Donkey Kong Jr/Burger Time mash-up in perler beads by Flickr user Danny_8bit

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