Saturday, December 29, 2012

Misc: Ongoing Experiments

  • Spoon is still on a diet. Spoon is still fat. Need to tweak the parameters of that experiment, probably.
  • I made a blanket for the cats to lie on when on the couch so they wouldn't steal my blanket. I used the same yarn (leftover). It seems to be working. Of course, I put the blanket in their designated area, but maybe once I'm sure they're adequately attached, I'll start moving it to new and exciting places.
  • I got one of those faux-perpetual-motion drinking birds for my boss. We'll see if his boss can tell the difference in their output.
  • The ongoing experiment that was my 13-year-old, massively-lo-def CRT TV has ended with the TV's descent into catatonia. (Power on, a red light starts blinking and won't stop, and no picture. I left it unplugged for several days and no change.) So now I've begun the HD flat screen TV experiment!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knittin' Crap: November Missions

At the beginning of November, some dude got poisoned or something...

Division My report
Diplomatic: Craft something to keep the Cardassians and Bajorans apart so they don’t use the poisoning of Legate Porania as an excuse to declare war. Craft something worked in sections, something striped, something using modular techniques or entrelac.One might say we should avoid driving any more wedges between the Cardassians and the Bajorans, but it hardly seems possible to create even more strife between the two. The middle wedge of this wrap device is meant to keep Cardassians and Bajorans segregated on opposite sides of the wearer. Lest the wearer inadvertently be caught in crossfire between the two groups, it will deflect any phaser strikes and reroute them safely to the ground. It even works on vegetative (as opposed to animal) sentient species, such as this brilliant diplomat pictured:
Fuzzy shawl
Medical: Craft something to help Dr. Bashir slow the effects of the poison and keep Legate Porania alive and comfortable until an antidote can be found. Craft a special pillow for the Legate’s head, something in soothing colors, a metabolism slowing device, anything that will help prolong the Legate’s life. This jacket is water-cooled to help slow the patient’s metabolism and calm them while delaying the poison’s effects. While it looks like it is only big enough for a humanoid infant, it can stretch to fit an adult.
Science: Craft something to help identify the poison or develop an antidote but do it quickly. Craft something that is quick to knit. Craft something that represents the poison’s DNA structure or spectral analysis.This device is a portable in vivo mass spectrometer. By laying it over the patient’s body, it will automatically detect foreign substances, like poisons, and perform a chemical analysis of the substance to allow for its identification. You can see the spectral analysis of this poison in the device’s display:
5-Day Baby Blanket
Security: Craft something to help Odo find the culprit before anyone else is hurt or to help Quark prove his innocence. Craft something that represents Quark’s alibi (a tea cozy to show he was having tea with a client, or a towel to show he was cleaning the storerooms with Nog). Craft a clue for Odo to follow (a poison vial found in a shuttle bay, an encrypted message) or craft some item that would help Odo find the clues (a special scanner, a magnifying glass).It’s a well-kept secret that Quark really enjoys the Earth delicacy called sushi. Replicator logs show he was ordering his favorite combo platter at the time the poison was being delivered to the legate.
Sushi Combo

Shawl pattern adapted from Vivian Hoxbro
Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Sushi pattern by NeedleNoodles