Saturday, August 28, 2010

News: Cats, Cats, Trains, and More Cats

  • Indonesia, with the world's largest Muslim population, has added women-only train cars so ladies can travel free from unwanted male attention, which apparently gets disgustingly physical on a regular basis, if they so choose. God forbid their male Muslim counterparts be asked to behave like polite gentlemen instead.
  • This kitty in Ireland decided to ride the rails, ending up in Dublin miles from home. The DART staff used CCTV to figure out where she got on, then used Twitter to try to find the owner, who was reunited with his cat. Not only did they not cite the cat for not paying her fare, they gave her her own pass!
  • 80% of incidents in NYC with cars hitting and thereby injuring or killing pedestrians have male drivers behind the wheel. Screw segregating train cars by gender. Let's put the dumbass male drivers who can't be bothered to pay attention to anyone else on their own infrastructure and let them hit each other.
  • The Tokyo subway system has featured some incredible posters over the years. Oddly, they seem to be particularly obsessed with people leaving their umbrellas on the train.

For those who've seen My Neighbor Totoro, doesn't this kitty look like a soot sprite? With ears and a tail?
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Regular WTF Installment:


Thursday, August 19, 2010

News: Cats, Cats, Buses, and More Cats


Cats and more cats:
  • Cat -> Box? Maybe!
  • Cat armor, for the next time your brave and loyal feline goes into battle! But probably not your plus-sized, hides-under-the-bed-as-soon-as-you-take-the-vacuum-out-of-the-closet cat.
  • This catfish likes to be petted. Seriously. Almost as much as Spoon, even.
  • Dammit, I missed this shirt the day it was offered.

  • Super-sweet story about US Marines caring for stray cats in Afghanistan. Click the picture for more!
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  • Finishing off with an enormous visual history of the lolcat. Click the picture for more!
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Whiteboard Jungle: Bugzilla Bug Statuses Illustrated!

Last week I posted my wishlist of Bugzilla bug statuses that don't exist, but should. For reference, I have now added pictures!

Bugzilla Statuses Illustrated - DONTGIVEACRAP

Bugzilla Statuses Illustrated - NOTMYPROBLEM

Bugzilla Statuses Illustrated - AREYOUSHITTINGME

Bugzilla Statuses Illustrated - SCREWYOUGUYSIMGOINGHOME

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whiteboard Jungle: Bugzilla Bug Status Wishlist

We use bugzilla at work. I often seem to spend half my day reading, creating, and updating tickets. In addition to the standard available statuses, such as NEW, ACCEPTED, FIXED, and the passive-aggressively ruder ones such as WORKSFORME and WONTFIX, I would really like to see the following:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

News: Not So New

It's been a while, so some of this news is more like olds. But not like the Olds Cutlass Supreme I learned to drive in.

The stupid... it burns...
  • An Orange County woman who claimed that the hundreds of harassing text messages she had received were from an ex-boyfriend and his sister-in-law, resulting in their being arrested multiple times, was convicted for filing false reports and false imprisonment. Now, here, the really stupid people were the Costa Mesa police who arrested those two people without a shred of evidence, solely on the woman's say-so, after she had hounded them to do something. What they should have done was, I dunno, investigate? Hello?
  • Associated Press has some pretty, um, interesting ideas about fair use. No, seriously, they expect bloggers to shell out $12.50 to quote 5 words from an AP article. Anyway, after an AP article quoted more than 5 words from's blog post about their sale to, Woot told AP to cough up the dough! Make sure to read this article's Update section for the kicker.
  • American Airlines somehow, um, misplaced the Glock handguns belonging to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's bodyguards. While the PM was traveling within the US, the TSA required that the guns be checked in marked luggage. The bodyguards arrived in New York, their luggage was later found in Los Angeles, and the guns... well, poof. I guess it's not safe to leave your luggage unattended even after you've checked it.
  • Ok, folks, for once and for all, those leaked emails from leading climatologists do not undermine the science behind the case for global warming. Deal with it, already. Now, go turn off a lamp somewhere.
Kitty break:
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Another break:
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Heh, heh. Oh, wait. That's me. The two microwaves in our lunch room at work aren't set to the same time, and it bugs me a little.

And the geeky:

  • Oh, yeah, I've been there.

  • Holy crap, I've worked in some ugly machine rooms, but at least I've never been there.

All right, I have more stuff, but my attention has hit the wall.

Spoonerisms: Doing Lines of 'Nip

Last night, the cats got celebratory mounds of catnip on the floor.

Dipity managed to get tangled up in both a wand ribbon toy and a big felted wool bag.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spoonerisms: Dipity+1 Year

Dippy Kitty

Today is the first anniversary of Dipity's surprising, but ultimately very serendipitous, appearance. She's become a sweet pet, if a little high-strung, although she'll probably grow out of more of that. She's working on her lap kitty skills. She doesn't need the constant nearness that Spoon does, but when she wants loving, she wants it now! She still doesn't much like the idea of Spoon, but she will usually tolerate his presence now unless he gets a little too close or tries a little too hard to pretend he's an alpha cat.