Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Other: Why Some People Need To Be Kept Away From Airbrushes

Today was lovely, the first day in quite a while where the weather was perfect for a long walk, something I had missed doing. Well, all right, morning weather is usually also nice for walks before it warms up, but I am really not a morning person.

Late this afternoon, I walked a few miles around town. At one point, I passed this car:

Monster Geek Mash-up Car

The camera phone missed the part with the sword the samurai-dude apparently used to cut off the old-style Cylon's head. Um, putting a Cylon and a samurai together is something that never would have occurred to me. Putting the two on a car? That's, um, interesting.

(It kind of looks like a Star Wars-prequel storm trooper, but trust me, it had the red Cylon eye slit.)

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