Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spoonerisms: What a Co-inky-dink

I'd been talking to my mother yesterday afternoon while I was waiting for a bus, before I met the kitty, and she told me how she had gone to the pet food store last weekend and they happened to be having a cat adoption day. She saw a beautiful cat which they called a lynx-point Siamese, but the shelter worker for some reason wouldn't consider letting it go to a home with other cats. I'd never heard of a lynx-point before, as I'm used to the more traditional variants like seal points (the solid, dark brown markings) but anyway...

I sent my mother the pictures last night, and she replied (this morning, of course) that it looked like the lynx-point she had seen over the weekend. I looked up the breed online and some of the pictures look just like it! What kind of coincidence is that! With a few days we both go from never having seen one before to finding ones who for some reason had no home!

Anyway, I didn't get much sleep last night. Kitty talked all night. Siamese are known to be very talkative, but she was antsy, wanting attention, but not able to sit still long. I would move to the fold-out couch, but it's just not as comfortable, and I didn't want to leave her alone for long periods. I finally got a couple hours on the sofa bed (not easy with mega-butt Spoon snuggled so close I couldn't move -- he rarely does that while I'm sleeping unless it's chilly) and when I went back in the bedroom, kitty had calmed down a lot. She still wanted lots of attention, but she has settled down, is less nervous, talks less, and I got her to eat and drink, which she hadn't been doing.

Spoon is still his standard mix of curious and confused, keeping an eye on the door and trying to peek in, if not invade, when the door opens. Kitty still hisses at him, but she's clearly not terrified and is maybe curious, too.

I haven't gotten the fliers up yet, although I have printed them out.

ON 8/4



(Ok, that's not actually my phone number, but I'm not posting my actual number on my blog, hello.)

No picture. I'm going to want feline photo ID if someone tries to claim her!

(FYI, I looked it up and lynx-points are technically Siamese with tabby stripes. They are still classified by coloration as seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, or red points. I can't tell which this girl is, and as she's not fully grown she may still get darker, but she looks a lot like a blue lynx-point I saw a picture of.)

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