Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spoonerisms: Kitteh Update

Oh, you weren't trying to read this, were you?
The little kitty seems to be recovering well. She really, really doesn't like getting pills shoved down her throat, but she only has a couple more days of antibiotics. She did throw up this morning, but she seems to have gorged herself when I fed her this morning, as she had run out of food during the night. I can't imagine how she thought she could fit that amount of food in her little belly. But she hasn't spent the night meowing pitifully at the open window for three nights running now, so I think she's getting used to the idea of being an indoor-only cat.

Spoon is getting antsy to meet her, but she still seems scared of the idea. I'm going to give her a few more days, at least until she finishes the trauma of twice-daily pilling and gets over any remaining sluggishness, as cats tend to be even more defensive when they don't feel well. I hope she adapts to him; Pandora did, although it took awhile, but she had the advantage of being here first, so it was her territory, and, well, of being the indomitable Pandora. Spoon just wants a buddy, but he's a big cat and he's so overeager that I can see how he'd be scary to a little kitty. I know he's a total pushover, but she doesn't.

And, well, I've decided that I guess she's pretty much mine. Even if someone came forward at this point, I did have that one caller who said she'd seen her for at least a month, so I could easily make a case of abandonment. So, meet Serendipity, the little Dipity Kitty.


Fluzz said...

Here in the UK it's only 1 week for an owner to come forward, you've given what....2 weeks? Hooray for a lovely girl to your household :)

Have you ever equipped spoon with a harness? Maybe if he's restrained a little when they first meet she'll feel calmer. When I intro ferrets I hold the more established ferret so the other can have a good sniff.

Good luck finishing the pills :D

Karen said...

I accidentally discovered last night that she really, really likes ice cream. Even when there are crushed pills in it. Score!

And the halter idea is really good. I actually have a halter I got about two years ago when I was going to try to exercise Spoon by taking him for walks. That didn't work so well. He would freak out as soon as we got down to the building's courtyard. I gave up after about 3 tries.


Karen said...

Uh, that harness? That was a few pounds ago. It doesn't fit around his chest anymore.

I need to go to the pet store in the next couple days for food anyway. I'll get a larger size then. I'll probably have to go into the dog department for one that fits. :P