Thursday, August 13, 2009

Metro Journal: Aug 12 Beverly Shrooms 90210

shrooms I had a job interview in that most famous of zip codes yesterday morning. First I took the 780 to Beverly Blvd, then I could take the 14 to within a block of the interview or the 714, which stopped several blocks away. As I was wearing my angry shoes, I wanted to minimize walking. I got on the 14, which magically turned into a short line, dumping rather surprised passengers at the Beverly Center. I had a lot of buffer time, but we had to wait awhile until a 714 showed up. Fortunately, the weather was mild as long as you were in the shade, and, well, it wouldn't be like Beverly Hills to have crappy side walks. I managed to make it there with a couple minutes to spare.

Walking back to the closest stop in the mostly-residential neighborhood, I noticed a really large cluster of wild mushrooms growing next to someone's flower bed.

The 14 intersects the 780 at Fairfax, less than two blocks south of Canter's. I hadn't been to Canter's, a world-famous, 24-hour deli with a menu that rivals War and Peace in length, in many years. Plus I was really hungry. So, while I was trying to walk as little as possible as my angry shoes were making my feet, well, angry, I walked up there. Mmmm, avocado melt.

All in all, it was a pretty uneventful ride back. While waiting for my "my feet hurt too much to walk half a mile and it's kind of warm out anyway" bus in front of the post office, I was treated to a lovely floor show. Well, not lovely, exactly. Three people were already sitting on the shaded bench, watching a bunch of YMDs1 standing next to a car with a very smashed front end, talking to a police officer. They were there awhile, then, too cheap I guess to get a tow truck, about half a dozen of them pushed the car down the block. They then blocked a side street for a couple minutes while trying to figure out how to maneuver the thing into a gas station.

That entertainment finished, I turned around in time to seeing some other YMD backing his BMW into a parking space. Um, WTF? It's a one-way parking lot. You go in one end, go out the other. And the slantedness of the spaces should also have been a clue, but, well, the driver was a YMTD.2 I was really eager to see if he would try to go out the entrance when he left, especially hoping there would be cars driving in at the time, so I could see if he was just a TFD,3 but the bus came before he came out. Oh, well.

1Young Male Dumbass
2Young Male Total Dumbass
3Total Fucking Dumbass

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