Saturday, August 8, 2009

Spoonerisms: If I believed in that kind of thing...

I'm Melllllting No change in the immigration status of Code Name Fork1. I haven't heard a peep. Meanwhile, she's settling down more and more. She and Spoon did have an incident yesterday where she was carefully inspecting more of the apartment and he snuck up behind her, so when she turned and saw him, she freaked and ran. Well, she was running, so Spoon had to follow. He caught up next to my bed when her food and water dish are. I didn't see any flying fur, and certainly no wounds, so I'm not sure how much physical contact was made, but they definitely made a mess. It also put Fork2 out a little bit, as she hasn't been interested in looking outside the bedroom since.

I'm also not sure anyone taught her how to play with wand toys. It takes a lot of work to get her interested. She does like to smack around her catnip empanada a little, although I'm not sure she's old enough for the 'nip effect to set in. And I got her to use the cardboard scratcher, too. Spoon had taken to it right away when I got him, but she hadn't shown an interest. Yesterday I gently took her front paws, extended her claws a little, and ran them over the cardboard. Last night I saw her do it on her own! And then she did her floppy-melty thing on top of it. She's too cute.

Today would have been my father's 66th birthday. He loved Siamese cats his whole life. His mother kept them when he was a boy, and although he liked other breeds, too (his last favorite cat, Bandit aka "Junior," is a black-and-white mutt), Siamese were always his favorite. He didn't keep one as a bachelor, but my mother said that almost the instant they got married, they got one, almost like that was the reason he wanted to get married. Tiger died of feline leukemia before I was born, but to hear my father tell it, he was, of course, the most amazing cat ever.

My father had at least one Siamese in the house more or less continously for the rest of his life. He encouraged me to get one someday, too, to carry on the family tradition. I'm not picky about breeds; a good pet who needs a home is about my only requirement. But I can't help thinking about how a beautiful little Siamese shows up just as I'm getting ready to look for a new addition... I don't believe in ghosts or supernatural hoodoo, but if I did, this coincidence might seem like proof.

Come Hither

1Dan suggested we call refer to her this way for the time being.
2Note that this will NOT be her permanent name. I don't use it to her face.

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