Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spoonerisms: Serendipity?

That stray I posted about earlier today? The one I thought was semi-feral? Well, tonight, as I was going out back behind the building to move my laundry to the dryer, the cat was still there and started meowing at me. I put out my hand and it came forward and sniffed it. That is not something a feral cat does. Then I realized I had it confused with a darker grey tabby that hangs around (which, sadly, I haven't actually seen in awhile.) I went upstairs and called the two closest 24-hour vets to see if they had lost posters for a cat like this, but they didn't. Then I went downstairs, managed to pick up the cat, brought it into the apartment, stuck it in the bathroom, then got out the carrier. Spoon, of course, was freaked out, and wanted to get in the bathroom.

I took the cat into the 24-hour place (it was 10:30 by now) and they scanned for a microchip, but there wasn't one. They examined the little girl (for it was a she) and tested her for FIV and FeLV (both negative), said she was about a year old, seemed in good health, had a few fleas, and was probably spayed. I promised to put up Found posters, which I will do in the morning, (I haven't seen any Lost posters for a cat recently), but for now...

She's friendly, but clearly nervous, making these half-hissing sounds even as she lets me rub her head. She's holed up in my bedroom, which Spoon rarely enters unless I'm in bed or I'm getting the vacuum out of the closet, with food, water, and a litter box. I'm not sure where I'll manage to sleep tonight. Spoon may get upset if he's cut off from me all night, so it may be the fold-out couch.

Spoon's a little freaked, watching the bedroom door right now from about 3 feet away. I think the visitor is afraid of him, part of the hissing, but she has every right to be nervous.

I don't know how this will work out. I'd be happy enough reuniting a pet with worried owners, but of course, well, I'd be happier if I had a sweet new pet. And while it's unlikely that someone would deliberately dump a sweet and beautiful Siamese mix (if the pointy snout and blue eyes didn't give it away, the voice would) like this... When I was 12, there was a beautiful seal point Siamese, about 6 months old, that had been around the neighborhood a couple weeks when my father finally saw him, which meant, of course, that he had a home. My mother put an ad in the paper, but no one claimed him. He stayed with my parents for 20 years. So it does happen.

Stray Kitty

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