Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spoonerisms: New Kitty Tryouts

Grim II + Spoon
Spoon says, "His eyes are seriously freaking me out, man!" That's a veto.
Spoon and I have been talking about it (ok, the conversations mostly take place in my head) and we've had some new kitty tryouts.

BFF Tryout
"Um, is her face on her body or are her legs on her head?" He already goes through life confused enough as it is.
I made him a few trial friends in the past couple weeks. I don't think they're going to work out. They tend to be even more passive than he is, which is saying a lot. Spoon and I both need a boss kitty. Although this guy did have a lot of personality:

Amineko Excited Neko

But after Spoon told him, "Don't call us; we'll call you," the amineko got kind of upset.
Freaked Out Neko Pissed Off Neko

"But we can still be friends!"
Flipping-the-Bird Neko

Spoon basically needs a kitty to be his BFF, one who won't get smushed if Spoon happens to roll over on (probably) her. I'd also like one who is willing to be a fashion model, like orangecat.blackcat's guy here:

(Did I mention I do strange things when I'm bored?)

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