Thursday, February 18, 2010

Metro Journal: Feb 18 Come Here Already

Maneki Neko book I went down to Little Tokyo today. In chronological order:
  1. While I was waiting for the crossing light at an intersection, a school bus stopped at the red light in the right turn lane. Some dumbass behind him honked. Ok, (a) while it is, with certain provisos, generally legal to make a right turn on red here, it is by no means legally required, and (b), this was a school bus, fer chrissakes. For all the dumbass car driver knew (and he probably didn't know much more than the location of his car horn), the bus driver could have been dealing with a kid with a problem. The bus driver did turn after less than a minute, and the car behind him didn't even pretend to stop. The next car probably wouldn't have stopped either, except we were already stepping into the crosswalk because, hello, we had the crossing light. If only I could shoot lasers out my eyes, this guy would have had the Mark of Karen burned onto his forehead. Seriously, ZOMG, you had to wait 30 more seconds of your life to make a turn! It was a fricking SCHOOL BUS!
  2. There were some hyperactive kids on the 780 for a couple miles, singing loudly and extremely out of key for the enjoyment of, well, no one else on the bus. What would I do without headphones? Um, probably get arrested for throttling a kid.
  3. On the 94 going downtown, a man in a suit was having serious difficulty navigating the aisle to the exit. I didn't want to assume he was drunk, but as he walked by, I could smell the fumes. He almost fell stepping out the door. Oi.
  4. I found a couple books at Kinokuniya, including the pictured book of maneki neko (Japanese lucky beckoning cats). All cats, all beckoning, some even in costumes!
  5. At Curry House, I tried the masala curry with fried tofu and chicken. While it was pretty good, I still like the chicken katsu much more.
  6. The last block up 1st to Hill St and my stop is, guessing conservatively, at least a 30 degree grade. Close to the top, I saw that the 794 was about a block away. Ok, there was no way I was running up the rest of that hill. Fortunately, the stop light was with me, and even though I had to sprint up Hill half a block to the stop, I made it. And then wished I could have gotten a window seat because I wanted to pass out. I'm seriously out of shape.

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