Monday, February 15, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Ravelympics Day 2

This Helps How?
This Helps How?
On the second full day of competition, I finished about half of the front piece. I spent so much time knitting (something like 160 yards on that alone, plus another project I've been trying to get done to the point where I can see if I'll need to get more yarn to finish it) that I wore what I thought was going to be a permanent groove in the back of my middle finger, which I use for yarn tension. (I'll try to take a picture for the next post.)

Meanwhile, I was a little better about remembering to eat, and Dipity and Spoon both "helped" with the blocking. I've left the back piece pinned down even though it didn't take long to dry from the steam blocking. I'm lazy and plan to pin the front on top of it so I won't have to re-do the measurements. I finally had to banish Dipity from the blocking board because she was starting to get a little too friendly with the wool. And you'd think those blocking T-pins would be uncomfortable, but Spoon figured out how to deal with them; he started pulling them out with his teeth. I kid you not. I can picture knitters and veterinary dentists alike cringing.

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