Friday, February 12, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Cast-on Time!!!

  • Yarn: check
  • Needles: check
  • Pattern book: check
  • Plenty of DVDs from Netflix (I don't actually care about watching sports): check
  • Cat treats to keep the beasts at bay: check
And we're off!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cannot find Team Dartmouth Knitters in the list of rav teams.

I am confused by all the places which do not seem to lead anywhere. For a person who logs onto, what do they have to search for in order to find ravelymic teams?

I cannot remember if I am already a member of the Dartmouth Knitters team - I wrote (somewhere) that I was not able to get to the meet-up tonight to be part of the team cast on. And I think someone wrote back to me.

Hope everyone who DID make it, were inspired to carry on in light of the death earlier today.

Successful knitting to all,
(Change bracketed caps for symbols.)