Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Ravelympics Day 5

p23 Keito Dama #145
My first choice. I would lengthen it a few inches and use a different stitch pattern for the body, rather than the eyelet-quads. I would get to enter this in two different categories, one for sweaters and the other for multi-crafting, as the body is knit and the edging crocheted. And what is it with me and the purple yarns?

p 50 Keito Dama #145
Me and the mitered pullovers, hmmm...
I've finished one sleeve and am mostly done with the other. While they're blocking, I'll do the shoulder seams and knit on the collar. If I stay on schedule, I will probably finish late tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I made it to Kinokuniya today to look for my next pattern for the second week of the Ravelympics. I found a couple of possibilities that might work with yarn I have and need to do some swatching.

And that yarn groove on my finger, while not indented at the moment as I haven't done any knitting yet today, has the color and smoothness of a first-degree burn. For some reason, I have this mental image of lying on a coroner's slab (I watch too much crime-drama on TV) and the medical examiner being able to tell that I was a knitter who held the yarn continental style just because of that mark.

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