Sunday, February 14, 2010

Knittin' Crap: 1st Heat Finished!

Ravelympics Mitered Pullover - back I finished the back of my Ravelympics Sweaterboard Event around 2AM last night and pinned it down for steam blocking. Looking good! I did have a couple early challenges, though. First, I came to a knot in my ball of self-striping yarn about 90 minutes in, which joined two completely different colors. In addition to having to cut the yarn, which means two more ends to sew in, I also had to dig and find a ball which started at the right color scheme so it wouldn't kill the smooth transition. Then, after working several of the long mitered rows, I realized the decrease stitches at the miter were going the wrong way and a noticeable gap showed when I pulled on the fabric. I ripped out about a dozen rows and then re-did them, swapping decrease stitch slants. Same problem after a couple rows. So I created a "middle" decrease stitch and started from that point doing a 3-in-1 decrease. Not quite as magical-looking as a double-decrease would have been had it worked, but it wasn't working.

I also forgot to eat anything more than an occasional handful of snack food until about 9PM. Oops. I kept telling myself, "Let me just finish this ball. I'll get something when I get up to change DVDs. I just want to finish this section so I don't get lost."

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