Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Ravelympics Day 4

Ravelympics Project 2 I did relatively little knitting yesterday, but still a fair bit. I was getting a little burned out, and I was also trying to figure out what to start next, as it looks like I will finish the mitered pullover in the next few days. I had thought I would do the poofy flower pullover in the picture, but after making two motifs, I realized that was the kind of project I need to work on a little at a time, or I would go nuts. I then tried a two-color, reversible, double-knit scarf from another Japanese book, but I've never done that technique before and my fingers weren't getting used to the motion, so it would have taken forever to complete.

I don't have the yarn in my stash to do any other projects from my Japanese pattern library, at least ones that I could finish in about a week, with the exception of amigurumi, and I'm a little burned out on amigurumi. I plan to go to Little Tokyo tomorrow, which I've avoided for months due to lack of funds. With my tax refund in hand (well, a small portion only), I'm going to eat chicken katsu at Curry House (yum!) and see if Kinokuniya has something that interests me that I can make with some of my copious stash yarn choices.

And that yarn groove on my finger? Even if it's not permanent, it's definitely there until that skin grows out. At least it doesn't hurt. I suspect it has to do not only with the amount I've been knitting, but also that the yarn I'm using is wool, which I don't work with that often. I don't think I have a true histamine allergy to wool, but my skin still seems to be reacting to it.

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