Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knittin' Crap: I Am The Champions

4353989863_618a74afa3_o Yes, I finally made it to the awards podium! I actually finished the sweater yesterday evening, but I didn't post about it them because I was too busy partying while wearing my Ravelympics medal over my groin.

Anyway, to wrap up the last three days

Thursday evening: Finished all the knitting, including knitting on the collar after seaming the shoulders. I undoubtedly will redo the collar's bind-off because it's too damned tight and I can barely get it over my big head.

Friday: Didn't actually do much. I had flaked on returning my Netflix DVDs until Thursday, and there was nothing on TV, and I can't knit unless I'm doing something else visual at the same time (call it ADD or whatever, but it does have the beneficial side effect that I rarely get eyestrain while knitting or crocheting because I'm constantly looking up and refocusing my eyes).

Ravelympics Pullover! Saturday: The rest of the seams didn't actually take too long (meaning about 3 hours of actual work) because the stitches were relatively large and the yarn is pretty smooth and easy to work with. I hadn't quite finished by the time of my afternoon lesson, but I showed my students my "injury" -- the red mark on my finger.

I spent several hours last night (after the aforementioned, um, partying, which, all right, didn't happen) swatching stitch patterns for the cardigan. The yarn I'm using, the discontinued Noro Matsuri, is self-striping, but it also has white strands going through and little nubs of color, giving it an odd tweedy look. It just didn't look right to my eye in an eyelet-lace pattern, and I was getting gauge in straight stockinette anyway. I'm also going to work across the front sides and the back in one continuous piece, both to keep the striping consistent and so I don't have to do the side seams later. I'm not sure if I will finish it or not, as this is more knitting, even if it's simpler, than the pullover, but I'll give it a go.

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