Monday, February 22, 2010

Knittin' Crap: Miles To Go Before My Hands Fall Off

Rav Cardi Progress In the 24-hour period between midnight Sunday and midnight Monday, I knit .15 miles. That is a lot. Most of it was the Ravelympics cardigan, but I spent a little time working on other projects to vary needle size and hand movement to lessen repetitive hand fatigue. After a little work today, I'm done about 8" of the 12" I plan before starting the armholes. As I'm working across front and back, that's a lot of progress.

I think I may be actually be able to finish before the games close next Sunday evening, but it's going to be a lot more work. The Noro Matsuri yarn is even harder on my hands than the 100% wool Jojoland Rhythm I used for the pullover. The Matsuri is a cotton/wool blend, so it has cotton's inelasticity and wool's abrasive scales. I'm applying hand lotion for lubrication, which I rarely do while working with yarn, and take breaks to stretch my fingers and wrists, and, as I said, spending a little time on other projects to get a little range of motion relief. Even though I definitely notice the effects of the marathon effort, I'm being vigilant. I watched all my Netflix DVDs over the weekend and returned them today, so hopefully I can find stuff to watch on regular TV tonight and tomorrow (at least there's a new episode of Damages tonight -- excellently intense show for knitting stockinette) and as long as the hands hold out, I'm good.

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