Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whiteboard Jungle: Hansen Sr Responds To View-Fixing Allegations

As I reported yesterday, Hansen Jr's picture became my most-viewed picture on flickr. When I pointed this out to Hansen, he denied any point-fixing on his part.
Hansen: hey that is not true - I did not visit him everyday to pump up the numbers
Karen: every other day?
Hansen: I did realize that you were counting
Karen: flickr counts
Hansen: now that I know --- he he he
Hansen: I should pump up the numbers even higher
Karen: you realize I'm going to post this chat on my blog
Hansen: what!
Karen: I'll take that as your permission
[uh... I'm pretty sure this next line was garbled]
Hansen: not
Karen: I'll change your name... to protect, um, yeah
Hansen: actually murloc is more popular
Hansen: it has a combine 59 votes
Hansen: combined
Karen: well, I figure people looking at the murloc check out multiple views,
Karen: so there's overlap
Hansen: so Jr is not that popular after all
Karen: but the miser's purse has been up for months and is linked on a crochet website
Hansen: oh really
Hansen: wow
Karen: and Hansen Jr has been there a month
Karen: and he was up to 47 this morning
Hansen: Well that is great for Jr - I am glad people like him
Hansen: what the numbers don't accrue?
Karen: no, that was a screen shot
Karen: you can't link to the count
Karen: and I think I can only see it anyway
Hansen: oh
Hansen: that's cool
Karen: top 10:
Karen: meerkat-profile 47 0 0
miserpurse 44 1 2
murloc-side 31 0 1
murloc-front 28 0 0
smackdown3 24 0 0
murloc-top 18 0 0
gaugebook1 14 1 0
komon2 11 0 0
komon1 11 0 0
miseropen 11 1 0
Hansen: wow murloc does take top honors with 70 views and miserpurse a combined 55
Karen: like I said, there's probably overlap, one person looking at multiple views
Karen: knitting and crochet people are obsessive that way
Hansen: yeah but I think that still counts and it is pretty cool
Karen: plus now I'm getting World of Warcraft people
Hansen: really?
Hansen: looks like your site is going to be popular
Karen: someone left a comment about it
Hansen: you may want to crochet some for WoW characters
Karen: whereas knitters/crocheters will usually leave a comment on the knitting site
Karen: [name deleted] says:
I LOVE YOUR MURLOC !!!! MMmmmmrrrrllllll WoW ftw
Hansen: ha ha
Karen: most of the people on the knitting site who faved it seem to also be WOW people, too
Karen: they're a strange lot
Hansen: ha ha

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Anonymous said...

I second the comment on he's looking at it every day...bbhahhaaaa (evil laugh)