Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: 3 Reasons Today Is Special!

Happy Fuzzyversary!
  • It's my birthday.
  • It's my 17th anniversary with Pandora, give or take a couple days. (I don't remember the exact day, and I'm just hoping Pandora doesn't, either.)
  • I managed to take four1 whole pictures of me and Pandora without her even trying to kill me. You can see she was definitely thinking about it, though...
fuzzyversary Maybe if Heather shows up, she can retell the story of how Pandora first popped into Heather'n'Dave's as a filthy, but already managerial, kitten.

1Two of those pictures are never going to see the light of day, I promise you. Yeah, um, Pandora's hair looks bad in them. Or her eyes were closed. Or something.


Heather S said...

She showed up at our Glendora house in January of 1992, sunk her claws into the front screen door and went "thwang, thwang, thwang". We thought was Mambo demanding entry (Kris! had cat who liked to go in and out). But no, it was this tiny ball of tortoiseshell fluff -- who farted every time someone gave her a gentle squeeze.

I posted "free kitten" in Caltech.market, you said "damn you!" and took her home on Jan 15th.

Yeah, I keep a lot of old email :-)

spajadigit said...

Happy Birthday!

Wow. Pandora farted upon squeezing? Sounds like a toy we just gave our son. :)

Karen said...

Yeah, she did that farting thing several more months. Heather had neglected to inform me until later.

And, wow, you do have some really old mail. A couple years ago I was trying to remember why I gave her that name, but my mail archives fell short.

Karen said...

I should add it was the "silent but deadly" variety.

Actually, for all I know, she might still do it if you squeezed her belly, but you'd probably be dead before you smelled anything.

whogirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :-)

Steph said...

How absolutely excellent - a great day all around. :) Hope your birthday was fabulous, that you and Pandora were both spoiled rotten.