Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Whiteboard Jungle: ISO New Jungle

I'm sitting here uploading my new resume into one of the technical job boards, and I decided I'd take advantage of the "check spelling" button. Now, I usually skip those buttons, as I am (a) generally a good speller and a decent typist, and (b) using lots of technical terms which aren't in their database, and thus have to hit "Ignore All" 3 dozen times.

Except, as I said, this is a technical job board. So when my resume has "FreeBSD" in there, I would hope the spell checker would not suggest I replace it with (I am not joking here) "Freebased."

And why is it asking me if I want to replace "SMTP" with "ESMTP," when ESMTP is just Extended SMTP (hence the 'E') and the protocol is still referred to, except where the 'E' is relevant, as "SMTP?"

Other fun suggestions:
  • Suggestion for "VMware:" Ovenware
  • For "ESX:" SEX
  • For "Kickstarting:" Castrating
  • For "Gb:" KGB

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