Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: Spoon Goes To The Vet

Spoon had his regular check-up yesterday. Here's the synopsis.
  • Into the carrier - no problem. He's a little over-trusting.
  • Pandora: Yay! You're finally getting rid of him!
  • Carrying him to the car -- problem. "Jesus Christ, cat, you weigh a ton."
  • In car: pitiful noises from carrier.
  • I open the lid of the carrier: Spoon quiets down and lies down in the carrier. He's fine as long as he can see out. He doesn't even try to get out.
  • At the vet, with carrier closed: pitiful noises from carrier.
  • In exam room: "Nooo! Don't touch my butt!"
  • Spoon lost 4 whole ounces since his last visit! Now he's at 16 lb 1.5 oz. That's still by far the largest cat I've owned in my life.
  • Spoon with vet: a little wriggling.
  • After vet stops groping: Spoon lies on table and makes goo-goo eyes at her.
  • Aide carries Spoon to back room to poke him. He makes his sad face. (He needs his teeth cleaned, so they like to do blood work before the anesthesia.)
  • Spoon comes back and goes in the carrier without a problem.
  • While I pay the bill: pitiful noises come from carrier. Also, he almost knocks it off the bench trying to do a u-turn inside. It's a little too narrow for his chubby butt to do that.
  • Ride home: Spoon lies down and keeps quiet once I open the lid.
  • Carrying Spoon up the stairs: Jesus Christ, cat, 4 ounces or not, you still weigh a ton!
  • In the apartment, Pandora: Woman! Why the hell did you bring him back?
Anyway, he's totally healthy, except for being overweight a couple of pounds (4 ounces or not) and needing his teeth cleaned.

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