Friday, February 20, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: RIP Socks

Speaking of recently-deceased famous pets, "Socks," famous former First Cat, was put to sleep today after suffering from late-stage mouth cancer. Socks was 19.

After Bill Clinton left the White House, Socks was apparently adopted by the president's former personal secretary. (So much for "Friends For Life.")

I actually felt sorry for Socks. Because they didn't want a cat shedding, scratching, and peeing in the White House, they often kept him chained in the backyard*, where all the nutcases trying to shoot at the Oval Office could have accidentally hit him. Apparently, he did have a pal during this period, though. He shared his food with a stray tabby named Slippers.

*They supposedly did allow him to wander around some areas of the White House, but still, the indignity for a cat of being kept on a leash for all the public to stare at you?

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