Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: The Electric Lap

sp-el2 Two years ago, Pandora's joints started getting a little stiff, so I got her a heated pet bed. I set it up, she jumped on it to check it out, realized her butt was getting warm, then curled up in it. A few hours later, she got up to eat, and then she got back in it.1 A little while later, she got up, got some water, came back... and Spoon was in it. He was only 2 at the time, so don't give me that stiff joint routine. If anything hurts his joints, it's the way he twists around in that thing to make sure all sides get baked equally.

The electric lap is soft, like my lap, and has a foam wall, unlike my lap, which keeps Spoon from sliding off.2 While the electric lap does not pet them, it does not pet them in the wrong way, either. And it never needs to get up or rearrange itself because the 16-pound monster cat put its foot to sleep.

In the past 24 hours, we have dainty Pandora3:
And not so dainty Spoon:

1 Every other piece of furniture I got her was used by her once and only once.
2 He's big, he's unwieldy, and he shows no understanding of the concept of center of gravity.
3 She may look about the same size as Spoon, but Pandora is actually 50% fur by volume. I have pre- and post-shaving pictures to prove it.


Fluzz said...

Spoon should be renamed Muta from The Cat Returns :p

Steph said...

Do you suppose it was International Catwarming Day or something? Merlin almost caught his fur on fire leaning into the heater yesterday. Seriously, I turned it off to stop him from doing real damage. Well, physical damage anyway, as it is obvious the mental is already a done deal. Half Siamese, all insane. lol

Karen said...

Sad to say I haven't seen The Cat Returns yet, although I just went and added it to my Netflix queue. From the wikipedia description, though, Muta is supposed to be cynical. Spoon is anything but. He's very gentle-natured, affectionate, but not too bright. Mostly he's just a gentle giant.

And Kla, when people would do their physics labwork in the house library at college, at least one cat decided a soldering iron was a warm place for a nap... until people smelled singed fur and looked around to see what happened.