Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Other: Music!

I haven't really talked about specific music before. I've been listening to Kristin Hersh in her various musical incarnations for about 15 years now, ever since Heather-who-gave-me-a-cat-once loaned me Throwing Muses' album The Real Ramona. Tom-who-can't-believe-Spoon-weighs-16-pounds was asking me about decent online Kristin Hersh videos he could use to carry on my now-lax efforts at proselytizing. This site has the official video of the permanently-in-limbo Throwing Muses playing last month in Sydney. The sound and video quality are excellent, and they play some songs I am pretty sure I have never heard live and in-person (and still haven't because, duh, I wasn't in Sydney), including "Devil's Roof," "Limbo," "Mr Bones," and "Finished."

I also stumbled across this excellent clip of Kristin playing "Sugarbaby," one of my favorite tracks from her most recent solo album, Learn to Sing Like a Star.

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