Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whiteboard Jungle: Co-Irker Christmas Crap

Summary of my co-irker's reactions to their gifts1:
BobfrankenbobA couple weeks ago, Bob did a faceplant on his glass coffee table. Ouch! Fortunately, no permanent damage, but he did have some nasty cuts."Oh, wow."
ChandraluntreePeople around here seem to think disk space grows on trees. Chandra is our storage engineer, so I thought I would help him out by giving him a LUN tree so he could grow more disk space!"Oh, that's amazing! Very pretty!"2
Danmurloc-frontSee this post."Is this supposed to be a murloc? I guess that's appropriate. Pretty cool."3
Joeminijoebear2I had already made Joe the Bear a Joe the Bear, Jr. I made him a Mini-Me Joe the Bear so he could take one home to his wife."Oh, that's great! Now I can take one home to my wife!"
Hansenmeerkat-profileSee this post."Oh, he's so cuuuuuuuuute! I don't want to show Bob." (Immediately wraps Jr. carefully in the tissue paper, then shoves him back in the bag.)
1 I won't have my boss's done until tomorrow, but he usually insists on saving them until Xmas anyway.
2 Not sure that word means what he thinks it means...
3 Thus narrowly avoiding keyboard smackage.

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Steph said...

For the record - I think they are all great! -Kla