Saturday, December 27, 2008

Air Journal: Dec 21 Oops

Between being a little off-kilter and then waiting over 20 minutes for a shuttle from the long-term parking lot, I got to the terminal 3 minutes too late to check-in for my flight to Florida, so they had already given away my seat. Um, suck. So, I sat down and talked to the very nice lady from the airline for half an hour and because all the flights were overbooked, it looked like I would have to wait 2 days for the next one out. Just as we were about to book that, one for Monday opened up. I was going to have to pay the difference in ticket prices, which was steep, but was made a little less painful by the fact that I was being forced to fly first-class. Really, that's all that was open anymore. Well, at least I also get the frequent-flyer mile bonus.

So, I went back to wait for the parking lot shuttle. I got on the one for Lot C, but when we pulled into Lot C, I realized that wasn't right at all. Then I remembered I had meant to park in Lot C but had missed the turn, so I had just gone straight into Lot A. Ok, back to the terminal. The driver said that happened all the time, people forgetting where they had parked. I neglected to tell him that I had parked an hour ago, not a week ago.

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