Saturday, December 6, 2008

Knittin' Crap: World of Wankers

One of my co-workers plays World of Warcraft. All the time. I'm pretty sure at this point his wife can only recognize him by the back of his head, as he's always facing the computer.

I've never played the game and have no intention of doing so (let alone finding a mate on it (aren't 90% of the people on there 12-year-old boys, anyway?) like this woman did.) But in my quest to make amigurumi for my co-workers for Xmas, I decided to try to do something from the game. I went to the World of Wankers Wiki and found this thing: the murloc. I mean, it's basically a really mean-looking tree frog, right? And there's this free tree frog pattern from Roman Sock, so I just made it to look mean. So, here we go!

First, you make a million little pieces: murloc-pieces
Then you put them together, and tada!

So, no, I have no worry that this will spoil the surprise, because Dan's too busy playing WoW to read my stinkin' blog. And if he doesn't appreciate my handicraft enough, I'll tell his WoW-buddy from another group at work to smack him on the head with a keyboard and run off with it for himself. Or I'll just smack him with the keyboard myself and tell the WoW-buddy to run off with it.

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