Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Other: Twits?

I don't have a Facebook account or a Myspace page. I haven't even had this blog for a full year yet. I figure I was on the relatively-cutting edge of web pages (my cat had one way back in 1994) when it was the hip nerdy thing and you still had to write all your own HTML (or at least "borrow" someone else's), and long before it was the ubiquitous, mass-market expectation of today. I think previous posts have established I am a Totally-Geeky Über Cool Nerd Goddess, so all that getting a Facebook page would do at this point is make me look like a Johnny-Come-Lately-And-Therefore-Wannabe-Cool-In-A-Non-Nerd-Goddess way. (Plus Facebook has some atrocious privacy policies.)

Above all, I don't Twitter. Honestly, if you're sitting there constantly reporting on your every thought, people, assuming anyone is still reading, realize your train of thought travels through the most boring scenery anywhere. If you're twittering about what you're doing at that moment, well, isn't what you're doing twittering? This would pretty much be me on Twitter:
8:55AM Right now I'm twittering.
8:56AM Still twittering.
8:58AM Pandora just got in my lap.
9:00AM I'm twittering with Pandora in my lap.
9:03AM I wonder if I should get Pandora her own Twitter account.
9:08AM I should really be finishing that baby shower gift I'm making, but then Pandora would have to get up.
Bored yet?

I'm sure there are some interesting conversations going on, but on the whole, it reminds me of married couples who don't really converse with each other so much as talk at each other.

I realize we now live in an age where people born in the 90s have no concept of what constitutes Too Much Information, but, well, teenagers are morons. It has always been true, and it will always be true. Now they just have the tools to record for posterity and for all the world to see all, and I mean every single one, of their insipid thoughts, combined with the total lack of judgment to know when to shut up.

My thoughts may be insipid, but at least I know when to shut up! That would be right about now...

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