Saturday, April 18, 2009

Other: More Rilakkuma Cuteness!

I was too lazy to take a picture, so I didn't mention getting Rilakkuma origami paper when I was at Kinokuniya last week.

Japanese character origami paper

(The Hello Kitty paper was from a previous visit.) Both packages even include cute character stickers! And the Rilakkuma paper has instructions to make his face, although it would look weird making it in the printed paper.

Rilakkuma origami paper

About 6 years ago, I was in a massive origami phase. It had started out as making small gift boxes for the beaded jewelry I made (I was also in the midst of a beading obsession that lasted over a decade) and progressed from there. I never did find a unicorn pattern I could make, though. I was pretty good at a T-rex pattern which I had memorized for awhile and have since forgotten. I don't make much origami now, but I still occasionally procure cute papers.

Anyway, this post was supposed to focus on Rilakkuma. (This is also occasionally Anglicized to "Relaxuma," making it rather clear that the word "relax" was incorporated from English.) I went back to the San-X Rilakkuma page to poke around some more and found this page of high quality images you can download and print out or use on your computer. There's a monthly calendar page which is useful to people who can't read Japanese, as the month is printed as YYYY.MM and the days of the week are even printed using English abbreviations. There are also various desktop background images featuring various San-X characters, pages that look like they could be used as wrapping paper, black and white outlines meant for coloring yourself, pages with light-colored backgrounds to be used as stationary, gift tags, icon images for your computer, and all kinds of other stuff. How neat!

This page features videos of various characters. The music of the first one, with little birds dancing, seemed to disturb Spoon somehow.

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