Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Other: Old News

I am still (perpetually) behind on my Scientific American reading. I just hit the January issue! Yes, of this year. Some interesting tidbits:

Apparently religion can rewire a person's brain. (Scroll down to "Seeing On Faith.") Dutch researchers compared cognitive functions of local Calvinists and atheists. Neo-Calvinists believe in the division of society into specific realms of responsibility. The scientists thought this may translate into their being less likely to see the big picture. By showing test subjects pictures of large shapes containing smaller shapes, the faithful were better at recognizing the larger shapes' contents, while the heathens did indeed focus better on the larger shapes. You can check out the full PLoS One article. They plan to see if the cognitive changes hold true to other specific religious beliefs.

Also, you can give yourself an X-ray by unwrapping your birthday present! Well, according to the blurb following the previous news brief, you would have to be unwrapping in near-vacuum conditions. Of course, some relatives may be as good as sucking the air out of the room as they are at sucking the life out.

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