Friday, April 10, 2009

Knittin' Crap: Rilakkuma and Friends

9784391136906 Someone on Ravelry had mentioned something about the little amigurumi bear being a popular Japanese character. I went to Kinokuniya yesterday, and sure enough, they had all sorts of paraphernalia featuring the book's characters, all from the company San-X.

lazydaisybearThis guy is named Rilakkuma, a combination of the words "relax" and "bear." According to wikipedia, he likes mochi, pancakes, and doughnuts and has a mischievous little white bear named Korilakkuma and a chick named Kiiroitori, for whom there are also patterns in my book. I can't read this page on the San-X site, but as can you see, Rilakkuma is generally a pretty relaxed bear.

seal-side The baby seal is a mamegoma character. The white seal seems to be named Gomao, but there are other mamegoma characters, too.

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