Friday, April 17, 2009

Other: Speaking of Twits

When I posted about Twitter the other day, I had no idea that Ashton "My-god-what-the-hell-do-people-see-in-him" Kutcher was about to become the first Twitterer to pass the million-follower mark, which he accomplished in the wee hours this morning. He had been in a race with CNN's Twitter feed to hit the milestone, with the winner donating 10,000 mosquito nets for World Malaria Day.

This actually knocked my un-Twittered train of the thought onto a new set of tracks and made me wonder. Many if not most celebrity "autobiographies" are actually handled by ghost writers. I wonder if there's a market yet for ghost twitterers.

At any rate, despite the worthy charitable aspect, the questionable achievement of being King of a Million Twits couldn't have happened to a bigger twit.

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