Monday, September 13, 2010

Whiteboard Jungle: Pictorial Monday

Many of these are from the awesome site Monday Through Friday, but we'll start out with a short that Jim Henson made in the late 60s for IBM. If it had been made today, Kermit would have been using PowerPoint.

You can read more about Henson's IBM films and see them here.

work fails - We Value Your Opinion
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No picture for this one, but a mortgage company worker in Utah (what, not Florida?) was arrested for shooting his employer's computer server with his handgun after getting drunk. The article doesn't specify his job title, but I'm thinking "system administrator" is a good bet.

job lols - The Days Of Yore
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Except the Ctrl-V should be on a jar of, hello, paste?

We Have Matches And Hair Spray
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Except I don't work at a help desk, so I wouldn't want people to get ideas. However, this next one...
Honesty Is Always The Best Policy
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The "I" in "TEAM"

And last but not least, a portrait of me. More or less.
funny pictures-I can pretend to listen and I can pretend to care. Just not at the same time.
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