Monday, September 27, 2010

Metro Journal: Holy Crap

Today I received this reply from the LA County Metro to my previous missive.
Ms. (Me),

Although we can appreciate your concern, currently we have no policy that would prohibit the changing of a child's diaper while traveling on a Metro bus or train.

Thank you,
Metro Customer Relations
My jaw dropped so fast, it broke the sound barrier.

As soon as I regained any sensibility, I sent this reply:
Dear Metro,

Thank you for your reply. However, I would shudder to think what might happen had the driver had to slam on the brakes while the soiled diaper was freshly removed, but had not yet been secured. I'm sure if it went flying through the air and landed on an unsuspecting passenger, and they learned that you had no policy against diaper changing, they would not be terribly happy.

While that is, of course, a worst case scenario, it is much more likely that the diaper's contents could be spilled onto the seat itself, which would probably prove quite an unwelcome surprise to the seat's next occupant.

(me again)

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