Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Other: Insomniac Blues

Things to do at 3AM when you just can't sleep:
  • Actually send that open letter about CNN that you posted to your blog to CNN, sans postscript.
  • Go to the couch and notice that Spoon is passed out on his blankie in almost the exact same position as he was two hours earlier.
  • Bemoan the fact that you had just returned all your DVDs to Netflix and thus have nothing to watch that you can doze off to and then rewatch when you're awake.
  • Watch a bit of a show about the C.I.A. on one of the myriad Discovery Channels and learn that the Theremin was used, albeit indirectly, as an espionage device. Also note that, at least as played in the re-enactment, the instrument doesn't sound nearly as spooky as it did in those '50s B horror movies.
  • Look up how to build your own theremin, recalling having seen instructions before.
  • Realize that you had the idea to make a theremin before and didn't get around to it then, either.
  • Find out that there's a freeware program that uses your webcam to simulate the playing of a theremin.
  • Decide that's still not an adequate reason to get a webcam.
  • Check your Ravelry projects page to see if anyone favorited anything in the last 5 minutes, which was when you checked it last.
  • Think about doing a "bedtime" yoga DVD, but then realize you're tired enough, if not sleepy enough, that you'd probably fall over at some point and hurt yourself.
  • Look over at the TV, wonder where you saw that guy on the screen before because he looks awfully familiar, then realize he was the one talking about Theremin twenty minutes ago when you got up to write this post.
  • Decide to try to go to bed again, even though it doesn't seem promising.
  • Look at the word "theremin" and wonder why it hasn't been appropriated for some cough syrup brand.
  • Remember to look up the etymology of "highfalutin," a question which had been knocking around your brain while you were failing to fall asleep earlier.
  • Finally muster the critical mass to get up and go to bed again.

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