Friday, July 10, 2009

Knittin' Crap: I Am Da Geeky Bomb!

Fishheadred doll You may remember my confession about converting arrt from the MMORPG Puzzle Pirates into 3-D yarnie goodness.

Well, it turns out that one of the game's arrtists named Fishheadred saw it on the game's forums and must have really liked it, because he gave my game character one of his dolls! See, people who work on the game, known as "Ringers" (the company that makes Puzzle Pirates is called Three Rings), have little "dolls" of their characters in the game that they can give out when they feel moved to do so, but it's usually considered a pretty special occasion when they do. So I was totally shocked when I logged in and he had left a note for me and gave me the doll! It means I'm kind of a Big Deal now, at least for, well, ok, I guess my 15 minutes are already up.

Zombie Hunter Trophy P.S. I also recently made a version of the game's Zombie Hunter trophy. I know this means I am a total geek, but the game's arrtists really make some great designs!

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