Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whiteboard Jungle: You Have Too Much Mail

I've given up on Mac Mail. It would just choke on the volume of messages I had. I could watch the wheels spinning in the activity monitor window, but nothing would actually be happening, and it was frequently freezing. I'd run tcpdump to watch the network traffic and Mail wasn't even actively communicating with the server. I'd have to kill it manually, and of course since it hadn't synced the changes, I would have to start all over again. Screw that. Now I'm trying Thunderbird (but still running iCal, which will work with DavMail for Exchange synchronization, which Thunderbird's Lightning plug-in won't do). Yes, it also has its annoyances, but it can keep up with the volume of mail. And at least I can dream that some of the more egregious deficiencies may eventually be either fixed or addressed by plug-ins. (Dude, why no regular expressions in filter definitions? Hello?)

I actually run Evolution at home for one of my personal accounts, which, of course, is virtually no-volume in comparison to work. Evolution apparently even has Exchange calendar support, but even with MacPorts, I can't see installing and running a heavy-weight Gnome application under OSuX. However, annoyance is the great motivator. Who knows. (On start up on my FreeBSD box, the thing is already sucking over 200Mb of RAM. I suppose I should look to see what Mail's and Thunderbird's footprints are like. (Dainty like Cinderella or more like a T Rex?))

Oooh, I've never done a heavy-duty filter in Evolution, but apparently it supports regular expressions! Hmmm... Ok, the next time Thunderbird annoys me, I'm installing Evolution on the MacBook.

Wait, noooooooo! There's no MacPort for Evolution!!!! Oh, wait, Novell offers their own installer directly! Wheee!

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