Thursday, April 15, 2010

Other: Why Microsoft Entourage Sucks Major Ass

I have to use Microsoft Entourage at work for my email. Well, strictly speaking, I don't have to. But while Mac's Mail and Mozilla's Thunderbird are options, neither can talk to the Exchange server to get calendar data for my co-workers so I can see their schedules when trying to fit stuff in. (I'd love it if someone told me I was wrong.) And it's not worth having Entourage open for calendar stuff but reading all my emails in another app. So, here's my list of why Entourage is crap:
  • Threading. It says it has threading, but bunching messages together by Subject is NOT threading! True threading would be to read the In-Reply-To: message header to find parent-child relationships. That's what the header is there for and why it's in the 28-whopping-year-old RFC 822. Then again, Microsoft has proven again and again that they're just too special (and I mean rides-the-short-bus special) to adhere to Internet standards. Dumbasses.
  • Rules. Don't get me started on Rules. Ok, yes, I need these two conditions always to be true, but in addition, I only need one of these two conditions here to be true. Nope, can't group that way for logic. That would require to much programming on their end. And I would really like to flag all messages with a calendar invite. That seems like a logical condition for a client meant to be used with Microsoft Exchange. Nope. The best I could come up with was to search for the Content-class header and see if it had a calendaritem. I'm not even sure that's bullet-proof.
  • The spam filter is moronic. Um, Microsoft, you do realize that it's really easy for spammers to plagiarize the From address? (I won't even bother asking if they can check the Received: header for the "from" host.) Look, I don't know what the hell they use to check for spam, but since they don't seem to be querying spam blacklists from the Internet, it's just useless. I spent forever marking spam in my good folders and unmarking legitimate messages in the Spam folder.
Ok, those are the main three, the ones that just scream "stupid, lame, and lazy." But they're also annoying and time-wasting, and other mail clients have gotten it right, or at least significantly better, so Microsoft has no excuse.

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