Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: Mini Kitty

It's hard to get an idea of just how small Pandora is. I'm always shocked after she gets her clip. I've said she's 50% fur by volume, but it may be even more than that. It's hard to show a side-by-side comparison of the Pandora and Spoon because they aren't exactly snuggle-buddies.

headtotail Here's a picture from last night where Pandora was curled up on the couch and Spoon had to insert his monster butt between us. After he stuck the tail in her face, she picked up her head, then put it back down, deciding, I guess, that at least he hadn't actually planted his big ass directly on her head. Note that largeness of the butt and you'll understand why she might be worried.

Here's a size comparison. Their bodies are in approximately the same somewhat-curved pose, and I approximated where Spoon's head would be if he put it down. Note also the difference in girth compared to the width of the yardstick.
pandora-measure spoon-measure
I also measured around their bellies. Pandora is a petite 15" (how in God's name did Victorian women cinch their waists down to 17"?). Spoon is more like 23" in circumference.

I hope this has been educational.


Fluzz said...

Spoon is one BIG kitty.

I don't know how Victorian women did that either, I think malnutrition at the time made their ribcage flexible or something! Also, I don't think they breathed all that much.

BertandFelix said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for the laugh today!! I do this to my pets all the time. Last year Felix went on a crash, self induced, diet and lost all this weight...and then the vet told me that he was 'normal.' So what was he before?

Karen said...

B&F --

When I got Spoon from the shelter, he was about 2 years old and weighed 12 pounds. He has a pretty big frame, and he looked pretty thin. Of course, I wanted to make him comfy in his new home, so I gave him lots of treats. I was also used to cats who would not overeat, so I've always just left food out. At the vet a year after I got him, he clocked in at over 16 pounds, which has been stable since.

I can't really put him on a diet, because Pandora is so small (8 pounds) and she's used to eating when she wants. The vet said, yeah, Spoon is fat, but he's not really obese, and his blood work is all fine. And he can somehow reach all the places he needs to groom, although it's pretty funny watching him because it takes some athletics.

spajadigit said...

Wow. Spoon is a huge kitty.

Karen said...

You would know, Steve! I'm pretty sure Ivan could still have squashed him like a bug, though.

Spoon just doesn't realize he's fat. Which means he doesn't realize how much space he actually takes up and tries to wedge himself where he won't fit or to jump on furniture where there's not enough space, so then he falls off of it.

If he weren't such a sweet-natured cat, he would be hard to handle.