Friday, May 8, 2009

Pandora's Litter Box: 2AM Snack

When I got in bed, a large mosquito-thingie was flying around my bedroom. I'm not sure if it's actually a mosquito. The Florida mosquitoes I'm used to are small and stealthy. This thing is all legs with small wings and has a span of over an inch. I didn't really want to sleep with it flying around, but they're really hard to catch and I was tired. I thought of my little calico Clio, who had the ability to snatch just about anything out of the air. She seemed to be able to defy a few laws of physics, or at least tried harder than other cats. Now I have Pandora, who doesn't give a rat's ass anymore, and Spoon, who would have been an ideal cat for Newton, always there to prove laws of gravity by falling off things.

And I still couldn't sleep. So I got up and sat at the computer and took the pictures from yesterday off my phone. Then the mosquito-thing came into the room. Spoon saw it and went nuts. thunk. thunk. I mean, Newton could really have heard and not just seen Spoon demonstrating gravitational forces. thud. I was starting to worry that he would wake the downstairs neighbors. Then, amazingly, he caught the thing. And then he ate it. When I got up 15 minutes later to try to sleep again, Spoon was sprawled out with a very satisfied look on his face, and it couldn't have been because it was a juicy snack.

P.S. No Star Drek today. I woke up around 10AM because my east-facing room was getting warm and moved to the sofa. If I got ready and went now, I'd likely have to share the theater with a bunch of teenagers. Teenagers are, as we have previously established, stupid. As in, wear-untested-(and-not-walking-shoes-in-the-first-place)-on-a-regular-basis-and-not-just-every-few-years-because-you've-forgotten-exactly-how-stupid-it-is stupid. I'll go early Monday, when it shouldn't be as crowded. Unless someone who sees it in the interim tells me to wait for DVD.

P.P.S. Now my back is actually sorer than my feet (as long as nothing touches a blister) from sleeping on the couch while contorting to try to avoid Spoon's kneading action.

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spajadigit said...

I HATE those things. I think they are mosquitos. Monster ones. They frighten me.